Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why People Are Still In Love With The American Muscle Car

Muscle cars are classic cars that were built mostly for power for on the drag strip or tame enough to be driven on the road. They were owned by any type of people, sometimes elderly ladies owned these types of vehicles driving them to church and to the store, while the same exact model may be bought by someone who only intention was to race it on race day. There were many different models of these cars and now they are some of the most sought after cars for car collectors.

The American Muscle cars were mostly built in the late 60's and early 70's. They were solidly built cars that many have lasted for many years and still are on the roads as vehicles that are driven daily. There are clubs that have been created so that people can show off their vehicles and admire the other models of the cars.

When you drive a Muscle Car instantly you feel like you are young again, full of life and feeling great about everything. You can hear the engine roar with the gunning of the engine, and you can feel the power as the rubber meets the pavement. There have been many movies that show these types of vehicles and teenagers having fun while driving these cars, these are the types of memories that most people have with these vehicles. The auto makers seem to be aware of the thrill of owning and driving these vehicles as they are replicating the muscle cars and making them newer and more fuel efficient.

The thrill of owning or seeing these cars goes beyond what people can imagine. People will drive many miles to visit car auctions so that they can bid on owning a piece of American History, and becoming the proud owner of an American Muscle Car.

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