Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow: Show Car World Premiere

“Over 80 years ago, the historic Silver Arrows demonstrated that Mercedes-Benz was a pioneer when it came to speed thanks, among other things, to their streamlined shape,” says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer at Daimler AG. “The Vision EQ Silver Arrow draws on that legacy. Intended for acceleration and driving pleasure, it embodies Progressive Luxury and provides an insight into the future of our design. As a result, the show car drives the design idiom of our new EQ product and technology brand to the top.”

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Bugatti Divo: World Premiere

On the 24th of August 2018 at the exclusive automotive event “The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering“ in Monterey, California, Bugatti presented its latest model as a world premiere. With the Divo, the French luxury brand has developed a super sports car tuned for agility, nimbleness and optimum handling performance on winding roads. The aerodynamics of the model has been intensively fine-tuned and the suspension and chassis settings have been modified. As a result, the Divo is 35 kilograms (77 lbs) lighter and has 90 kilograms (198 lbs) more downforce than the Chiron. The lateral acceleration of the Divo has been boosted to 1.6g. The series of 40 vehicles with a net price of €5 million each was sold out immediately.

Fuel consumption/CO2 emissions:
Near-production vehicle without type approval – Directive 1999/94/EEC does not apply

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Dua Lipa x Jaguar

Jaguar is thrilled to announce the start of The PACE, a series of cutting-edge cultural experiences, shaped in partnership with innovative creators. Season One presents Dua Lipa, undoubtedly one of pop’s most intensely driven people.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

When Engine Problems Get Serious!

The engine is always with you on your journey, never leaving your side!
A happy engine is a good working engine!

Discover the secret to keep your engine running sweet

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Monday, August 13, 2018

Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2018: From A Drone’s Eye View

Check out the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class (2018) from a drone’s eye view driving through the beautiful Croatian countryside.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Volvo Cars & Clean Seas XC60 Demo Car

In support of UN Environment’s Clean Seas campaign and to demonstrate the viability of our recycled plastics 2025 vision, we have created this specially-built version of our Volvo XC60 T8 plug-in hybrid SUV. The car looks identical to the existing model but more than 170 parts are replaced with parts containing recycled materials – reusing more than 60kg of materials. Here presented by Stuart Templar, Head of Sustainability at Volvo Cars.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Stunts In Mission: Impossible - Fallout Feat. BMW M5, R NineT Motorrad.

The Mission: Impossible franchise is known for its legendary stunts.
In Mission: Impossible - Fallout, two models of the BMW M5 are used: the latest BMW M5 model (F90) and a classic one which is the first generation BMW M5 (E28).
Furthermore, a BMW motorrad, the BMW R nineT Scrambler, plays a role.
In this clip, we´ll take a behind the scenes look at the stunts and how they were captured. Mission: Impossible - Fallout - Only in Cinemas.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter And HYMER: Camper Vans

Experience the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with the camper van versions from HYMER. Travel. Explore. Feel. Cruise. Experience.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Typhoon Could Not Stop Us At Suzuka 8hr

The eight hours of Suzuka, the big one, is a challenge that intimidates even the fiercest riders and makes for the perfect finale for this years EWC Championship.

For the 8 hours of Suzuka, the challenge is always twofold. First of all, there are the conditions which at this time of year are very hot and very humid and demand a lot from the riders and then there’s the track itself. With a length of 5,8km’s and combining fast and technical curves culminating in a figure of eight, it’s one of the longest and most demanding on the calendar.

On top of that, and mostly due to the significance of this race, a lot of factory teams not competing in a full season of the EWC make the effort to contest this 8-hour battle. Also for regular teams, the race in Suzuka is one of the most important. Not just because it’s the season finale but mostly because at the end of the race there are 150% of the regular points to score which could effectively change the outcome of the championship.

This year's event, however, added another challenge. A Typhoon was to strike the Suzuka area during the race weekend and it did. The night before the race torrential rainfall and wind up to 170km/h caused significant damage to the infrastructures at the track but an impressive tour de force from the staff and crews at the track made sure everything was repaired and at 11:30 local time the green flag dropped.

The eight-hour endurance battle which was to end at nightfall was riddled with rain showers followed by a quickly drying track because of the high temperatures. This meant a lot of riders got into trouble by the weather getting caught out in the rain while riding on slick tires. After six hours of racing, no one knew who had the upper hand. Team Honda, Kawasaki Team green, and the Yamaha Factory Racing team were constantly dicing for the lead. When night fell and the chequered flag was waved it was the Yamaha team that came out on top for the fourth consecutive time confirming their place as kings of Suzuka.