Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Give Your Brakes a Break

Arguably the most important safety feature on any vehicle is the brakes. They saved you from running over that whole family of geese and from hitting the kid next door who has been learning to ride a bike without the training wheels.

Heck, they saved you last night when that huge tractor trailer slammed on their brakes right in front of you! Most other safety devices are really only there in case your brakes fail or you fail to use them in time.

Most modern cars have a type of brake system known as disc brakes on either two or all four of their wheels. When you press the brake pedal it prompts a set of heat resistant pads to grab on to the spinning rotor. The friction created with these brake pads slows down the rotor until it stops spinning and ends up bringing your car to a full stop.

Pressing the brake pads against the spinning rotor over and over again will eventually wear the pads down. Luckily, your vehicle provides several warning signs before your brakes reach the point of potential failure or extensive repair.

The easiest way to find out if your brakes need attention is by referring to the wear indicator. This is just a small piece of metal that was put in place strictly for the purpose of indicating when your brake pads are too worn down. This piece of metal is attached to the brake pads so that when they wear down far enough, the wear indicator actually makes contact with the spinning rotor.

When the brake pads are worn down to this level, pressing the brake causes a metal on metal grinding which produces a squeal. This sound is the most common indication that you need to bring your car in to a professional.

Since it is so important, your car will make it pretty obvious when it needs the brakes checked out or fixed. Whether it includes the squeal from the wear indicator or not, just using your senses is the best way to be aware of these potential problems.

Some things to look out for are the brake warning light, low or dirty brake fluid, and veering off to one side when braking. Also look out for either a pulsation or sponginess, and a grinding sound when actually applying the brake pedal.

Although there is no time or mileage established for when you should change your brake pads, it is ideal to just do it every time you rotate your tires. Or at least use that time to check out what condition they're in as brake system problems usually only escalate if disregarded.

Obviously wearing your brake pads down is a huge safety concern since your car isn't able to slow down and stop nearly as easily. But wearing down the pads all the way presents an even bigger problem, as the metal on metal causes damage to the actual rotor.

It is actually fairly cheap to have your brake pads replaced, even if you have to get all four of them changed at once. So it seems like a no brainer to keep this safety device in good working order. The alternative is to let further damage occur, and, if you're lucky enough not to get into an accident, end up spending a whole lot more to replace all your rotors as well.

Stay on top of the condition of your brakes to save you from much more expensive repairs down the line which will undoubtedly arise if you neglect to maintain them. And even more importantly so you don't find yourself driving with unresponsive brakes, resulting in a collision that could cost you your life!

If you notice any of these signs, don't hesitate to call Matthey Automotive at (856) 854-2507 or visit our shop at 100 W Crescent Blvd in Collingswood, NJ 08108.
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The FIrst BMW 6 Series Model. E24 History.

The BMW 6 Series is known as a BMW luxuy car -and this is where it all begun. Have a look at the first generation, together with a BMW designer who belonged to the development team.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Keep Your Tires in Line!

Do you ever find that you're driving in the right direction, but your steering wheel isn't centered? It's possible your alignment is off. Some other obvious signs of improper alignment are a vibrating steering wheel, uneven wear on your tires, and of course drifting to one side despite the fact that your wheel is centered.

When you hit a bump or run over a pothole, your car's suspension can become loose or worn down. The suspension is what connects your steering wheel to your tires, directly effecting the alignment. And since correct alignment is measured so precisely (to the tenth and even hundredth of an inch), even the smallest bump to a curb is enough to throw the suspension off, pointing your tires in the wrong direction.

Alignment can even be thrown off by something as small as not having the correct amount of air in your tires. And even if nothing actually happened to your car but it's been a while since it has been aligned, it is in your best interest to have a professional realign it for you.

Besides the extra work that goes into simply driving in a straight line, the most noticeable problem you will face with a poorly aligned vehicle is having your tires wear down much faster than if it were properly aligned. Not only do they wear away, but they do so unevenly. This is when the tire becomes unsafe to use. An unevenly worn tire can lose air pressure and possibly blowout, even if it has been rotated.

A less visible, but just as relevant consequence to bad alignment is the damage to your cars suspension. Since improper alignment means your suspension is out of whack to begin with, it should be obvious that continuing to drive your car in this condition will only cause further damage.

Basically, if you keep putting off getting your car properly aligned, it will end up costing you. It can be very pricey to have your suspension fixed or replaced, depending on how much damage has been done. Not to mention the cost of four new tires.

To be safe, you should just have your car realigned every time you get an oil change or when you bring your car in for routing maintenance. Some auto body shops will include the alignment service if you are already having work done, but even if you do have to pay for the alignment it is far worth it compared to suspension and tire costs.

Besides cost, proper alignment allows for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. Your tires will not wear down as much and even when they do, at least they will wear down evenly. This means they can be rotated properly, extending their life even more. And of course with the tires all facing the same direction your car will drive straight and handle more properly which keeps you safer. With a properly aligned vehicle, you will even get better gas mileage!

When your car's alignment is off, it means your tires are pointing in the wrong direction. Since a driver's main task is to keep tires going the right way, this is kind of a big deal. On top of these obvious steering issues, improper alignment can cost you your safety, and of course too much money!

Call Matthey Automotive today at (856) 854-2507 for an appointment to make sure you aren't spending more than you need to keep your car in line.
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mercedes-Benz TV: MULTIBEAM LED - Features in Detail

Illustration of the benefits of the new Mercedes-Benz MULTIBEAM LED technology and its number of outstanding lighting innovations like non-dazzling high beam, active light function, cornering light function and motorway high beam.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Make Your Car Last 200,000 Miles or More

The average age of cars on American roads is nearly 11 years, according to Polk Research. Plenty of drivers own vehicles with well over 200,000 miles. The long-term savings of keeping a car for 200,000 miles, or about 15 years, can be $30,000 or more. Clearly, learning to keep a car well maintained and healthy is worth the effort.

1) Your Owner's Manual and Regular Mechanic Checks
a) Read and follow the owner's manual for your vehicle.
b) Find out the recommended maintenance schedule and stick to it.
c) Follow the "severe duty" maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

2) Look, Listen and Smell
a) Know how to check your car's oil and transmission fluid, and how to inflate your tires to the correct levels.
b) Pay attention to how your car runs. Any time it makes odd sounds, has trouble starting, overheats, or does not brake or handle correctly, get the car checked by your mechanic.
c) Heed warning indicator lights on the dashboard.
d) Do a walk-around of your car regularly, including checking brake lights and turn signals.
e) If you see fluid spots in your garage or parking space, park on some cardboard to check the exact source of the leak. Get the leak repaired as soon as possible.
f) Listen for out of the ordinary sounds. Note when these happen and at what speed and give this information to your mechanic. This saves them hours of trying to recreate the issue, and saves you money in labor costs.
g) When you check your oil, notice if it smells burnt. If it does, get repairs quickly and avoid needing your engine rebuilt.
h) Burnt or bad-smelling transmission fluid is a bad sign that needs mechanic attention immediately.

3) Oil Changes and Fluid Checks
a) Never skip recommended oil and filter change. Missing oil changes results in clogged oil filters and sludge that wrecks engines.
b) Use the "severe use" oil change schedule listed in the owner's manual.
c) Use synthetic oil.
d) Your mechanic will check the other fluids during oil changes. They will inspect the fluid itself and top off fluid levels. If there is a big fluid loss, mechanics can find the cause and repair it before it gets worse.

4) Transmission
a) Get your transmission fluid and filter changed according to your car's maintenance schedule.
b) Replace the fluid at least every 100,000 miles or sooner.

Regardless of how well you care for your car, accidents happen, and parts fail. However, proper maintenance keeps your car on the road longer and brings you a better price at trade-in time. It is usually cheaper to fix a car that is in decent condition than it is to make new car payments. Follow your maintenance schedule and attend to concerns quickly to keep your car running for 200,000 miles or more.

Service Plus Automotive is a family owned business since 1991. We are focused on providing the best possible customer service experience when servicing or repairing a customers vehicle. We strongly believe in customer education and regularly show the customer what needs repairing. We are very involved in various community activities and believe in giving back to the community who has supported us for almost 20 years. For more information, go to http://serviceplusautony.com
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Jaguar Reveals New 'Virtual Windscreen Concept'

New head-up display concept shows optimum racing, braking guidance and tracks fastest lap times. See this stunning new technology in action.

Friday, July 11, 2014

5 Tips for Family Road Trips by Cars.com

Cars.com Expert Mom, Jennifer Newman, shares her top tips for families before hitting the road! Are you sure you didn't forget anything? Make sure that you get a maintenance check, set a playlist for everyone to enjoy, play classic and innovative road games, pack lots of snacks and build in extra time for rest stops and playing outside of the car.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mercedes-Benz TV: The new V-Class - A Vision Becomes Reality

The production process of the new V-Class, the youngest and largest member of the passenger car family from Mercedes-Benz, from the first design idea to the finished vehicle.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Practical Tips To Help You Find The Best Shop for Your Auto Body Repairs

Like death and taxes, as long as you own a vehicle rest assured that you will one day need an auto body repair done. Depending on the scale of the repair, you may need the services of a reliable auto repair center.

Many automobile owners usually console themselves with the fact that, many vehicle brands have their car dealership centers where they can get repairs done.

While this may be practical in the short run, it will not always be the case. The proximity and repair costs, associated with car dealership centers, may be outweighed by local repair shops.

One of the things you need to be watchful for, is the ethical and professional conducts of these repair shops. The last thing you need is a shop where the attendants will lie to you about the nature of repairs required so as to extort more money from you.

Some of them even replace your OEM parts with fake ones. To avoid all this, you have to make your decisions early enough so as to steer clear of desperate last minute measures.

Discussed below are some of the tips that you can put into practice when looking for auto body repair shops.

Start Looking Early Enough

Decisions made in the last minute are usually faulty and misleading. Just the same way you will not want to entrust your vehicle to the hands of a stranger, you need to start searching for the appropriate auto shop early.

Making use of recommendations from friends and colleagues, will help you in identifying reliable shops. Get enough time to sample each of these repair facilities.

Conduct a Wholesome Evaluation

There is a tendency among clients to only consider the cost element when shopping for repair facilities. The danger with this lies in the fact that, the cost alone, cannot give you a comprehensive feel of the services offered.

You need to understand the policies that are in operation, the experience of other customers and many other parameters. Going through customer reviews will help you with this.

Assess the Level of Organization and Activity

A good auto body repair shop needs to be organized with the technicians conducting themselves in a professional manner. A disorganized auto shop can easily mishandle your car, leading to further damages and liabilities.

Also, the level of activity around and about the shop is important. If it looks too busy, you should be worried because they may hold your vehicle longer before it is attended to.
This may inconvenience you especially if you are having other errands to run. The attention given to your vehicle may also be so little that other areas go unrepaired.

The Customer Attitudes

When you visit an auto shop, you should also be observant of the customer attitudes, especially when paying or waiting in the queue for their repairs. The attitudes will tell you the kind of environment that's prevailing.

If they are happy and jovial, this should immediately tell you that the services are good and appreciated. However, if they are angry, this should signal bad service and dissatisfaction.

How Long The Repair Shop Has Been in Operation

This may seem like a minuscule detail, but it is equally important. In business, more so service businesses, brand matters. Repair shops that have been in operation for a long time, depend mostly on their goodwill, brand superiority and repeat purchases.

Such shops will tend to provide quality services so as to preserve their image. On the other hand, repair shops that have been newly established may not be as sensitive to their brand. This means that they can mishandle your vehicle without fear of losing you. After all, other customers will come to experiment with their services.

Test Their Services with Minor Repairs and Procedures

Entrusting a shop with full scale auto body repairs is a risky affair. This is especially the case where you are testing the waters, as far as their services are concerned.

To be on the safe side, engage the technicians with minor assessments and procedures, such as oil and tire change. This will give you a general feel and insight into the nature and quality of their services.
Remember, it is not difficult to get a well grounded auto repair shop to service your vehicle. All you need is a good research, done well in advance.

If you've been in an accident, or just need some cosmetic work done, Majestic Collision is someone that you can trust. They deal directly with your insurance provider, and also supply you with valet shuttle service and rental car support. For more information, check out www.MyBodyShop.ca.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Turbocharge the Everyday | Volkswagen Golf GTI + GoPro Cameras + Tanner Foust

The all-new 2015 Golf GTI makes everything more turbocharged. That's why we covered one with GoPro cameras and gave it to pro driver Tanner Foust for some daily errands.

Music: "Mosh It Up" by The DeeKompressors