Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The GLE 2019 – Safety & Assistance Features

Safety first: Together with Bernd Schröder, we demonstrate the safety and assistance systems of the Mercedes-Benz GLE 2019.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Sharper Than Ever. The New BMW M5.

The new BMW M5 is here and it is sharper and more compelling than ever. Blending a business sedan’s unruffled everyday usability with unbeatable high-performance sports car dynamics to alluring effect. A punchier look and powerful, sporty aura, with black styling details underlining its elite status. Do you feel it?

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Mercedes-Benz EQA: Winter Testing

From Sindelfingen to Arjeplog, Sweden. We tested the driving performance of the Mercedes-Benz EQA during the chill of winter.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

How Manual Transmissions Work - A Simple Explanation

How do manual transmissions work? We'll learn how clutches work, how gears work, and how shifting works with a detailed explanation using a 5-speed manual transmission as an example. 

Manual transmissions are without a doubt one of the greatest and most enjoyable automotive inventions. But how do stick shifts work? It all starts at the engine, where the flywheel transmits power to a clutch disc that's sandwiched between the pressure plate. The clutch disc is splined to the transmission input shaft, which rotates the gear assembly. A selector fork allows the driver to choose which gear to select, and power will then be routed to an output shaft and then a differential, ultimately reaching the driven wheels. Manual transmissions are super cool, check out the video for details as to how they work!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

BMW Plug-In Hybrids. Driving and Handling.

Driving a Plug-in Hybrid is a new and exciting experience. Watch this video and you will know how to fully engage with the efficiency of your car. To best manage the energy flow, BMW has developed special features like the Anticipatory Hybrid Drive, the Adaptive Recuperation and the Route-Ahead Assistant.

Driving excitement and efficiency are effortlessly united in all BMW Plug-in Hybrid models.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Meet Mercedes DIGITAL: The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – 25th Anniversary

To mark its 25th anniversary, Mercedes-Benz is dedicating the third episode of the Meet Mercedes DIGITAL news format to the Sprinter.

For a quarter-century now, the name Sprinter has been synonymous with an entire class of vehicles. With the highlights of the current generation and the eSprinter, Mercedes-Benz Vans has once again set standards for urban delivery traffic. The focus is not only on the current generation of vehicles: a journey through time leads through the success story of the van whose predecessors were already on the roads in 1955.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Experience the Thrill of the All-New 2021 BMW 4 Series | BMW USA

Expression comes in many different shapes & forms. Looking for the perfect luxury vehicle to encapsulate your individuality and self-expression? Then the All-New BMW 4 Series Coupe was built for you.

Designed with you in mind, the 4 Series Coupe is freedom on four wheels made possible by a perfect harmony of world-class engineering and performance. Featuring the BMW TwinPower Turbo engine, expertly tuned suspension, responsive steering and controlled handling, this 4 Series Coupe defines dynamic driving. That means your ride is smoother, faster, and more stylish than ever.

Enticing from the first glance and especially when sitting behind the wheel, the 2021 BMW 4 Series is a true game changer. Discover the All-New 2021 BMW 4 Series Coupe and express who you are proudly.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The New E-Class Sedan 2020: Made to Win the Day

An all-round dynamic character: Discover the new E-Class sedan with a visibly sportier design, intelligent MBUX infotainment system and comfort that is second to none

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Can A Dead Battery Ruin Your Car's Alternator?

What should you do if your car battery dies? Is it okay to jump the car and drive off, or is it better to use a battery charger, rather than relying on your alternator to charge the battery? This video will test various parameters of a car’s electric system to determine what effects will result from running with a dead battery, versus running with a charged battery. We’ll examine battery voltage (engine on and off), alternator voltage, alternator amps, and alternator temperature. Does a dead battery cause your alternator to overheat? We’ll find out in the video!

Note: If you’re stranded because of a dead battery, you should get your car jumped so you can get where you need to be. Obviously in emergency situations, do what’s safest for you, rather than what’s ideal for your car.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Audi 2021 RS 6 Avant Defined: Overview

Audi engineers discuss the cohesive design of the new 2021 RS 6 Avant, its daily usability and its sport DNA.