Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to Save Gas Money - Save On Gas Eight Easy Ways

Over the past ten years, Americans have watched their gas money shrink year after year. The economy still not anywhere near being where it should be is making it more difficult for many Americans to save on gas money. I thought that it might be helpful to share some not so obvious things you can do to save gas money. Here are eight ways to save on gas money.

If you think you know every trick there is to saving gas money? Here are some strategies to save on gas that aren't common knowledge. (You will need Overdrive Cruise control Shaded parking spots and radial tires to save on gas.)

Step 1. Go on -- enjoy your air conditioner on the highway. Consumer Reports says that AC's gas-guzzling reputation is undeserved. And, at higher speeds, opening the windows or sunroof can hurt on gas miles by increasing drag.

Step 2. Don't fill up your tank until you're practically on empty; the less fuel you're toting, the lighter your car, and the more you will save on gas.

Step 3. After filling up your car, turn the nozzle upside down before you remove it from your tank. You'll get another half a cup of gas that's stuck in the hose that will save on gas.

Step 4. Tighten your gas cap after filling up so you don't let any precious fuel evaporate. Try to park in the shade. This will also help save on gas by preventing evaporation.

Step 5. Put your car in overdrive for highway driving. It lowers your RPM, or revolutions per minute, which saves you gas money. Check your owner's manual for the recommended speed at which you may use overdrive. If you're due for new tires, get radials; they improve gas miles by two or three percent saving you gas money.

Step 6. Stay in one lane as much as possible; weaving uses up more gas miles.

Step 7. Use cruise control when you're on a flat highway, where it can increase gas miles by 7%. But don't use it on uneven roads, where it's not efficient.

Step 8. Turn off all electronics and climate controls before you cut the engine. With the extras off, your engine won't have to strain so hard to restart, leading to better gas miles.

Did you know - The Model T got 15 miles per gallon, just three mpg less than the average SUV.

I hope these eight gas saving ideas will help you to stretch your hard earned money.

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