Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why Choose a Good Mechanic to Repair Your Car?

It is important to choose the best doctor for treatment or to maintain a sound health. Believe it or not, same is the case with the cars. You need to have the best mechanic to repair your car to keep it running for a long period of time.

Sometimes people go to a road side or non-licensed mechanic to fix their car. The problem with road side mechanics is that they overcharge you. Another problem is that he neither gives you a printed receipt of the charges nor the warranty of his work. You cannot hold him responsible if your car shows any problem or issues.

You must know that a certified licensed mechanic who has a registered auto repair shop will provide you printed receipt, quotation and guarantee of satisfaction. But, a technician who is not registered is likely to make your car worse than before. Since he does not give receipt or address, chances are high that you will lose your money and get a completely ruined car. Here are few reasons for selecting a good mechanic to repair your car.

A good mechanic will ask your permission before making any replacement or modification in your car.

A certified and licensed mechanic has a repair shop equipped with latest tools that are necessary to maintain modern cars. Besides this, a lot technical information and advanced knowledge is required about these new cars to ensure that they stay in good shape for a long time. You cannot expect a road side mechanic to know all these.

A mechanic needs to pass few exams before being certified. He needs to decide his area of specialization, give an exam and earn a certificate. The area of specialization includes manual drive train and axles, engine repair, suspension and steering, automotive trans/transaxle, brakes, electrical /electronic systems, engine performance and heating and air conditioning and many more. A certified technician not only needs to pass the exam but also should have two years of experience in the field. Unlike a road side mechanic, they are experts in their field of specialization and are capable enough to provide professional service.

The good thing is that finding a certified technician is not difficult. You can take the help of your friends or family members who recently consulted a mechanic to repair their car. You can easily avoid being a victim of inexperience and non-licensed mechanics.

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