Thursday, April 11, 2013

Top 5 Pieces of Vehicle Maintenance Most Owners Forget to Do

For most vehicle owners, maintaining their vehicles is a necessary evil. Regular maintenance involves oil changes, brakes and fixing things that break. However, owners often neglect and forget some of the most basic maintenance items.

Here are five vehicle maintenance items most owners forget when it comes to maintaining their vehicles.
  1. Windshield wipers. For many drivers the windshield wipers are often neglected until the first heavy rain or snowfall. When wipers fail to keep the windshield clear, it creates dangerous driving situations, impairing vision and visibility. Drivers should also remember wiper blades for winter driving conditions differ from summer driving conditions. Make it a point to change your wiper blades to match the seasons and improve your visibility on the road.

  2. Windshield Wash Fluid. There is nothing worst than finding your windshield covered in dirt and grime, depressing the washer button and realizing you're out of washer fluid. Most drivers forget this basic maintenance item until they find themselves without fluid and an obscured windshield. Carry an extra container of wiper fluid in your vehicle and periodically check the level to ensure clear visibility while driving.

  3. Tire Pressure. Your vehicle maintains constant contact with the road through its tires. Having over-inflated or under-inflated tires can cause excessive wear on your tires, decrease traction and cause dangerous driving conditions. Many drivers forget to check the tire pressure of their vehicle. Make it a habit to check tire pressure every time you get gas. It will not only improve fuel efficiency to have properly inflated tires, it will improve the life expectancy of your tires and improve safety while driving.

  4. Gas Cap. Most drivers forget to check the gas gap after they have pumped gas into their vehicles. Ensuring the gas cap fits tightly will improve fuel efficiency and minimize dirt from entering the fuel system.

  5. Spare Tire. Almost all drivers forget to check their spare tire and when the unfortunate happens and they have a flat, they are unsure where the spare tire is, if it is inflated correctly and if it is a condition making it acceptable to use on their vehicle. Drivers should make it a point to check their spare tire every few months, ensuring it is properly inflated and safe for use when required. Being prepared is one of the most important aspects of being safe while on the road.
When it comes to vehicle maintenance, drivers have to realize a properly maintained vehicle means paying attention to ever detail no matter how small. Keeping a vehicle well maintained not only improves its life, but also improves safety on the road.

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