Friday, December 3, 2021

BMW Materia: The Garden of Possibilities | BMW USA

The BMW iX is the most sustainable BMW produced to date, not because of its electric drivetrain but because of the circularity of its manufacturing processes.

BMW MATERIA, The Garden of Possibilities celebrates this notion and the 300 mile range of the iX that in Los Angeles connects to various biomes; from ocean to forest to desert.

Through BMW MATERIA we showcase these biomes: living organisms and sustainable material developments derived from nature. We believe in protecting our planet and are inspired by the potential it presents to our future.

Biomaterials are a new frontier of sustainability, and the iX is the grand capsule for you to explore the world. The iX relies on materials derived from mushrooms to dampen sound, plastic alternatives agar or chitosan, moss, cork, and much more.

BMW Materia takes liberties in terms of what's possible today, and what's possible in the future.

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