Friday, April 16, 2021

Is Ethanol Bad For Your Car's Engine?

Will ethanol damage your car's engine? Is E10, E15, or E85 bad for you car? Can your car handle using ethanol/gasoline blends? This video aims to demystify the effects of alcohol fuels on engine wear, looking at Ethanol, Methanol, Unleaded Gasoline, and alcohol fuel blends.

A study was conducted published in SAE which was supported by the US DOE and US Army, which looked at various fuels and their effects on engine internals, such as the cylinder liner, piston rings, cam lobes and cam followers, and valve guides. They also looked at engine oil wear metal content, as well as sludge, varnish, and deposit formation in various engine locations. The results indicate the various effects of alcohol fuels on an engine.

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