Tuesday, July 21, 2020

BMW Brakes System: High Performance Stopping Power | BMW USA

There's more to the Ultimate Driving Machine than racing across the open road towards your next great adventure. Slow your horses, because the braking system in a BMW luxury car is an expertly crafted piece of auto technology designed to keep drivers safe.

Through countless stress tests across a wide array of locations, environments, and scenarios, the BMW braking system exceeds expectations. Featuring strength four times more powerful than the engine, stop your vehicle in seconds and enjoy being able to control distances with extreme precision.

In order to reach its full potential, the braking system experiences a 'training period' that runs for the first 300 - 400 miles. During this time, you may notice sounds coming from the brake disk and pad, but not to worry! This is simply a sign that the auto technology is adjusting and doing its job.

Keep your BMW's brake rotors and pads operating smoothly with these helpful car maintenance tips for cleaning your rims:

- Use acid-alkaline free wheel cleaners to reduce corrosion risk
- Avoid an overuse of tire-shine products, as this may cause brake pads to become contaminated & potentially less effective
- Do not use high-intensity water sources when cleaning the rims, as this may cause brake parts to bind & make excessive noises
- Gently tap the brakes every few miles after cleaning to help dry the components

Keep in mind that if your vehicle sits idle for long periods of time without being driven, it may be more susceptible to braking disk corrosion. In most cases, moderate use of the brake pads will help to eliminate slight surface corrosion.

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