Thursday, April 12, 2018

Motul Goes A Step Beyond With A New Racing Oil: Motul 300V² 10W50

Motul is launching its new engine oil, 300V² 10W-50, for race use. A direct evolution from the legendary 300V, this new racing oil will bring extra performances validated by top-tier factory teams in both On-road and Off-road applications.

Formulated using renewable bases, it is composed of less fossil raw material and offers a lower carbon footprint during the manufacturing process.
A pioneer of synthetic oils, Motul launched the 300V range in 1971, an engine oil specifically designed for racing use. Over the years, it has been tried and tested in the greatest and most demanding laboratory: racing.

It is now considered as THE reference by many teams and used in the most legendary races, both On-road and Off-road.

In this same pursuit of performance, Motul has developed the 300V² 10W-50.

This new technology of racing engine oil has chemical and mechanical characteristics that upgrade its performance.

For Off-road use:

- Low oil film traction at low revolution speed offering increased torque

- Optimized friction control offering increased clutch grip for better motricity

- High shear stability offering increased gearbox reliability

For On-road/track use:

- Low oil film friction at high revolution speed offering increased maximum power output

- Optimized oxidation stability offering increased oil durability

- Improved engine cleanliness offering constant engine performance

As well as offering higher performance, this new product has an organic base limiting its environmental impact thanks to:

- Use of non-fossil renewable materials

- Carbon footprint lowered 18% during the manufacturing process

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