Monday, February 5, 2018

How Did This 1925 Motocyclette Faret urvive?

In 2018 we celebrate the 10 years anniversary between Fondation du patrimoine and Motul.

Motul is the exclusive patron of Fondation du patrimoine for restoring and preserving historical vehicles.

Thanks to Motul more than 40 vehicles have already been preserved since 2008.

The “1925 motocyclette Faret” is last Faret vehicle survivor.
175cc engine, two stroke engine and belt transmission.

Faret is one of the small regional manufacturers which have all disappeared over the years.

The motocyclette Faret has been restored by Moto Club de Bordeaux and this restoration has been made possible thanks to the partnership between Motul and Fondation du patrimoine that awarded the Grand Prix Moto 2017 to Clément Brouzes, the president of Moto Club de Bordeaux and vehicle owner.

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