Thursday, November 16, 2017

Can Mercedes-Benz Active Brake Assist Help Prevent Collisions?

When it comes to car safety features, the collision avoidance system provides the peace of mind that every driver is searching for. The cross-traffic function can detect approaching intersecting vehicles and persons with the help of a long-range radar used in conjunction with a stereo camera.

How does the Active Brake Assist work?
In an emergency situation, the Active Brake Assist warns the driver of the oncoming danger and, depending on the distance and size of the obstacle ahead, sends out an acoustic or visual warning to alert the driver. If the driver reacts in time, the emergency brake assist supports the driver in applying pressure to the brakes, and if the driver reacts too slowly, the automatic braking system will be activated.

The Active Brake Assist automatic braking system can be activated and deactivated as and when the driver pleases. Additionally, it can be set to one of three modes including “Early”, “Medium” and “Late” mode – each of which determines the sensitivity of the driver assist programme.

By interpreting your driving behaviour, Active Brake Assist provides an intuitive safety measure that will bring your vehicle to a halt or reduce the speed exactly when you need it most. Active Brake Assist is just one of the many Mercedes driver assist features created to provide you with the ultimate security in all your driving endeavours.

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