Friday, February 3, 2017

Time To Get An Oil Change? Signs And Symptoms

The oil change is probably the most important part of your car's maintenance. All too often we forget to have it done, and the consequences for your car can be devastating. It's a simple operation that you can either do yourself, or take to a shop and have done professionally. No matter how busy you are, you should never skip it. The damage to your car can be serious.

Why Do I Need To Change my Oil?

In order to understand why you need an oil change, let's look at what motor oil does for your car. There are two main purposes - one, it keeps everything lubricated. It covers all the parts of the engine with a thin film that keeps them from rubbing together. Two, it removes chemicals, bit of metal and other impurities from the engine.

What happens if you don't get an oil change? Because they'll lose their lubrication, the parts of your engine will rub together and cause friction. This not only wears down the parts of the engine, but it also causes excess heat, which can result in your vehicle overheating. If the motor oil gets old and dirty, it can no longer remove impurities. This sludge will build up in the engine, and eventually it will have to be cleaned by a professional mechanic.

How Often Do I Need An Oil Change?

In general, you should get an oil change every 7,500 miles. However, this depends on how much you drive. If you spend lots of time driving, you should consider getting it done more often - something like every 6,000 miles. For example, if you use your vehicle every day for work driving across town, or if you make lots of cross country trips in your car, you should consider doing it more often.

In fact, it never hurts to have it done more often. You can greatly prolong the life of your car by taking it in for an oil change every 5,000 miles. This will definitely ensure that your car is running cleanly and smoothly.

 Signs That You Need An Oil Change

You can often tell that motor oil is old and dirty by simply looking at it. Fresh motor oil is clear and dark brown or amber in color. Older motor oil that needs to be changed is dark and murky. It doesn't take an expert mechanic's eye to see that how dark and dirty motor oil can be. When you're checking your motor oil, take a good look and see how it looks, especially if it's been 5,000 or so miles since your last oil change. Another sign is that your motor oil level is constantly lower than it should be. Most cars also have an engine oil light that will tell you when it's getting to be time for a change.

Getting an oil change is easy and inexpensive. It's a regular part of your car's maintenance that you shouldn't skip out on. Check your motor oil level each time you fuel up, and keep track of how many miles it's been so that you don't forget. Skipping your much-needed oil change can really damage your car; so make sure you get it done.

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