Saturday, April 16, 2016

5 Tips to Help Find the Right Car Mechanic

Finding the right garage to complete repairs can be a quite daunting experience, especially if you completely lack knowledge in this area. Plus, because of the hi-tech electrical parts in most modern vehicles, it can even be difficult to identify the faults by those with a certain degree of knowledge. To avoid paying more than necessary, it helps to carefully shop around and choose the right garage or dealership for the repairs.

Here are five tips to help with finding the best deals from a mechanic service:


Any work completed on the car should receive a guarantee on the parts and workmanship that lasts at least 12 months. This type of guarantee is provided by any reputable mechanic shop. But, it still helps to ask the question before the work starts on the vehicle.

Replacement parts

If the repair job needs parts replaced, make sure to ask the mechanic to give an explanation of the work being completed and also request sight of the defective parts.

If it isn't practical to visit the garage in person, it is often possible to ask the mechanic to send a photo of the part in need of replacing to make it easier to understand what needs repairing.

Personal referrals

Get recommendations from friends or family members to ensure you find a reputable garage that gives a reliable service at competitive prices. Although, when getting referrals you should check that the garage recommended does work on your type and model of vehicle. A franchised dealer for the particular model is usually able to offer a high-quality service, but there are other alternatives so it helps to shop around.


Since it is rarely practical to quiz the mechanics about their work history and qualifications, it can be more useful to search for the garage or dealership online and see the experience, qualifications, and trade bodies associated with noted on the official website. Also, while online it is worthwhile researching the garage the see the type of reviews left by past customers. If you find a lot of positive comments about the service offered and prices, this is a great indication that you have found a reputable mechanic shop to use.


Once the mechanic has completed the repairs on the vehicle, make sure to keep the receipt for your records. Maintaining the records and having a full service history should make it easier in the future should you decide to put the vehicle on the market.

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