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Common Car Problems

Cars are great machines to have. The unfortunate thing is that they tend to develop problems every now and then. Here are some of the most common car problems:

Squeaky Brakes

It's common for car brakes to produce a squealing sound that results from the vibration of pads and rotors. The sound is also produced when the pads and callipers vibrate. If your car has this problem you should ask a professional mechanic to help you in fixing it.

Car Pulls To One Side

If you notice that your car keeps on veering off when you let your hands off the steering wheel or when you aren't physically controlling the steering, the car has a wheel alignment problem. The good thing is that there are many wheel realignment centres and all you need to do is to find one that is nearest your area of residence.

Rough Ride

Are you used to a smooth ride and then your car becomes rough when you are travelling on a rough road? You should take a look at the shock absorbers and struts. Sometimes you can easily repair the problem, but if the problem has lasted for a long time, you should consider replacing the shocks and struts with new ones.

Engine Fails To Crank

There are many reasons that can prevent the engine from cranking: if the engine tries to start, but it doesn't crank successfully, the problem is most likely due to a bad starter. If you turn the key and nothing starts even the lights, the problem may be due to a bad battery. If you are able to start the car, but it quickly stalls, you may need to refuel the car.

Engine Light Comes On And Off

It's common for the engine light to come on and fails to go off. This happens when the car's computer has detected a problem with the emission system. You should consult a professional who will determine the failure.

Engine Knock

An engine knock is brought about by many factors such as too much clearance between the components that are located in the valve train. Unless you have very advanced mechanic skills, you shouldn't try to rectify this problem-you should look for a professional to do the work for you.


These are some of the most common car problems. If your car has a problem you should ensure that a professional rectifies it.

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