Friday, May 1, 2015

Mercedes-Benz TV: The Blitzen-Benz. Bill Evan’s Dream Comes True.

Each child has a dream car. But often they’re not allowed to drive their dream car one day. Except for Bill Evans. His dream becomes true, because he is an owner of the Blitzen-Benz, which is one of the most famous racing car ever.

In April 1911 the Blitzen-Benz broke the sound-barrier of 200km/h and because of this it was the fastest car of its time. First 1920 an airplane had ever flown this fast as the Blitzen-Benz. But the Blitzen-Benz is still mythical.

Bill Evens is always been fascinated by this classic cars’s technology of aerodynamics. A photograph of him and the Blitzen-Benz at the Mercedes-Benz Museum is always with him, until his dream comes finally true.

The experienced car restorer gets the unique opportunity to restore a Blitzen-Benz. The restoration is successfully. When the engine is finished, it started on the very first time. Since then there is no day without the Blitzen-Benz at Evans’ garage. Except the owner goes for a spin with his dream Benz.

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