Monday, July 1, 2013

How to Avoid Car Dents

Minor dings and dents on cars are almost as inevitable as death and taxes. However, just as we can eat right and take care of ourselves to stay healthy, and we can hire someone to help us reduce our tax burden, we can also take a few steps to reduce the chances of incurring minor dings and dents on our vehicles.

There are five principle steps you take to lessen the chances of car dings and dents. Following these steps will not completely eliminate the possibility, but your car will have a better chance of looking like brand new for longer.
  1. Clean up your garage or carport. The more clutter surrounding your car, the greater the chances that something will fall on or against it. If you have kids, make sure to park it away from the driveway basketball hoop or keep it far away from the various bats, balls, clubs, sticks, and racquets that the kids may use.

  2. Learn how to park - parallel, diagonal, and straight. From looking at various parking lots from time to time, it is obvious that there are plenty of drivers who lack good parking skills, The more your practice and focus on your parking skills, the better you will be, and there will be less of a chance of parking bumps and bruises.

  3. Don't park close to other vehicles. This may mean that you will have a longer walk to the grocery store or the local warehouse store, but it is one of the best ways to avoid minor dents.

  4. Avoid parking in dangerous or vulnerable areas. It is a good idea to park far away from the areas where shopping carts are stored or at the end of a parking lot that slopes downhill (shopping carts will roll downhill into your car). It is wise to avoid high crime areas or locales where vandalism is prevalent.

  5. If you do park next to other cars, select cars that appear to be well taken care of. If an owner is meticulous about vehicle care, they will be less likely to bang their door into your car or scrape the side of your vehicle as they are leaving.
No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. If a minor dent or door ding occurs, take it to a paintless dent repair specialist. Paintless dent repair is quick, much less expensive than traditional auto body repair, and requires no paint matching. Many of these specialists are mobile and will come to your home or office to perform the repairs. Paintless auto body dent repair is the modern way to take care of minor dings and dents.

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