Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tips To Maintain The Value Of A Vehicle

Keeping a vehicle operating in top condition helps the owner to enjoy operating it longer and may improve the value at the time of trade-in or resale. By taking advantage of a few simple and affordable strategies, it is possible to preserve the auto's value. Regular maintenance, cleaning upholstery, repairing damage from accidents and avoiding aggressive driving can help to preserve the value of the beautiful new vehicle.

Maintain the engine of the vehicle in order to ensure it last longer and provides greater efficiency. Have the oil and filter changed frequently, in accordance with the maintenance schedule published in the owner's manual. In addition, take time to have the tires rotated and a multi-point inspection each time the oil is changed. If there are questions about the when service should be required, check with the dealership.

Accidents happen to the best of drivers. If involved in an accident, it is important to file the claim promptly and use the money to repair damage as quickly as possible. The longer one waits to have the repairs made, the more likely that the metal will begin to rust and cause more serious problems.

Aggressive driving can cause damage to the automobile resulting in a decrease in resale value. Avoid fast stops, jackrabbit starts, weaving through traffic and speeding. These recommendations help to keep the tires, engine, suspension and brakes from premature wear. It also helps to reduce operating expenses by improving the fuel economy.

Be sure to keep complete records as to when maintenance and service are completed, as well as other receipts for accessories and parts to show prospective buyers that the vehicle has been well maintained. Such records can provide needed support for the selling price, assuring buyers that the vehicle has been kept in optimal condition. Some manufacturers allow owners to access service done at the dealership through a website.

Keep the vehicle clean, both inside and out. Dirt on the exterior can lead to scratches in the finish of the vehicle that decrease its value. Inside, dirt can cut through carpet fibers and cause staining of upholstery. Wash the vehicle at least once per month and vacuum thoroughly. Car covers are useful in preventing damage to the finish when a garage or other covered parking is not available. Inside the garage, they can keep dust and grime from the air building up on the surface of the automobile.

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