Monday, September 24, 2012

The Most Common Signs You Need Brake Repair

Brake repair is not something that happens out of nowhere. In fact, most vehicles will show signs of needing repairs months or longer before there is a failure of the system. Yet, treatment of these concerns is vitally important. Do not put it off. The reason for this is simple. Putting it off could lead to significant risk to you and your family. A braking system that is not functioning properly can fail at any time. More so, the longer you wait to get help, the more likely it will be that this process will cost you more.

Check It Out

The first step you can take when it comes to monitoring for brake repair needs is simply to visually inspect the system. Look at the pads themselves. You can see them through the spaces between the wheel's spokes. You will see the outside of the pad pressed against the rotor. There should be at least a ¼ of an inch pad here. If there is less than this, it is time for replacement.

What You Hear Matters

It is also important to listen to your vehicle. Often, these repairs provide a clear sound when there is a problem. Think metal-on-metal rubbing together. Often, you will hear a high-pitched screeching sound when you touch the brakes in the vehicle to slow it down. This is usually a good indicator of a problem. It is a warning that your pads need replacement. The more frequent this gets, the more important it is to get the vehicle in to a tech.

The Way It Feels

While you are driving, you may notice changes in the function of your vehicle. These are also good indications that the brakes need attention. For example, if you notice that it takes longer to stop, this indicates a problem with responsiveness and fading. Get it taken care of soon. If you notice the vehicle is pulling to one side when you are applying pressure to the brakes, this also indicates a key problem that needs attention. Vibration, grinding and even a growling sound are all instances where repairs are necessary. The sooner you get these serviced, the better it will be for your vehicle.

Brake repair does not have to be expensive. Though it can be more expensive the longer you put it off, the safety it provides far outweighs the monetary investment you make. In fact, the longer you wait to get repairs, the more likely it is that your system will begin to damage to the rotors and other components of the car. That will be expensive to fix. If you have any of these warning signs, make an appointment with a technician to get the system checked.

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