Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Engine Repairs You Can Prevent

Did you know that you can prevent some types of engine repairs? This one component of the vehicle s system is incredibly important, yet it is one of the least commonly cared for components. You may pull in to the oil change location, get the fluids topped off, and head out without really knowing the condition of your car s engine. That is the biggest mistake you can make. If you put time into keeping the system running well, you will decrease the risk big, expensive repairs becoming a necessity.

The Misfire

One of the first signs of trouble is called a misfire. This is due to a spark plug. It is electrically timed to fire at just the right time to ensure the right amount of power is present. If it fails to fire or does so at the wrong time, this is a misfire. This can happen for many reasons, including carbon- and oil-fouled sparkplugs, vacuum leaks, bad fuel delivery, or poor wires. In all cases, getting this fixed right away will help to prevent more complicated engine repairs.

Regular Maintenance

You have heard it before, but it is so important, you should hear it again. If you do not get maintenance for your vehicle on a regular basis, you will damage various systems in the car. Engines are often susceptible to larger problems because of poor lubrication. For example, when you have the oil changed, it removes all of the debris that flies into the car as you operate it. If the oil is already saturated with debris or there is not enough of it present, this allows the engine components to rub together. This metal-on-metal situation is very bad and can cause significant damage. Just get your oil changed when the manufacturer tells you to do so.

Ask the Questions

You may be in a hurry to get in and out of your oil changes and inspections, but do not be. The final thing you can do to reduce these concerns is simply to know the condition of the system. Does your transmission need to be flushed? Is there a sensor that is not working properly? Did your technician tell you that you need a tune-up in the next few thousand miles? All of these are things your technician likely can spot while performing basic services on your car.

Do not put off getting a professional to handle any engine repairs you need. The longer you go without the proper repairs, the more likely it will be that you struggle with expensive bills for major fixes. You can avoid this and avoid having to buy a new car too soon by paying attention to your vehicle.

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