Saturday, August 25, 2012

Auto Repair for Check Engine Lights

If the check engine light comes on in your vehicle that is a clear sign that you need auto repair. This is one of the most important indicators of the health of the engine and working components of the vehicle. Ignoring it could put your vehicle at risk for a wide range of problems. The key thing to remember is that this indicator is important to service as soon as possible. Find out what why the car's computer sensed a problem and then get it fixed to ensure you can maintain the car long-term.

Why Does It Come On?

When you get auto repair, you will quickly learn why the vehicle's light came on. Most often, the technician can plug the car into a computer and run a diagnostic scan on it to determine what the problem is. This can help to provide a wealth of information about the function of your vehicle. In general, numerous things can trigger the light to come on. There is no way to really know what it is until you have this type of scan done to uncover the problems.

Some of the most common reasons for the engine light coming on include the following. Keep in mind that this is only a small number of the potential concerns you should have.

• The engine has gotten wet and this is causing it not to function properly.

• The head gasket is blown, which is often evident from smoke as well.

• An oxygen sensor located within the system is not working or is faulty, which could mean a problem or may not.

• The spark plugs or the wires connecting them are worn out or not working properly.

• The fuel injector o-rings are deteriorating or they are pinched and need replacement.

• The exhaust gas recirculation valves are sticky and not functioning, as they should.

• There are hoses or manifolds that are cracked or loose and need attention.

In these situations, dealing with the underlying problem and resetting the system is all it will take. However, if you are dealing with a bigger problem, such as the vehicle smoking significantly or the engine running loud, this could indicate a more significant failure. Stop using the vehicle right away and get it into a technician as soon as possible.

Auto repair technicians can help you to determine what the cause of that check engine light is. Then, you can decide if you want to make the repairs or not. In most cases, doing so is essential and should not be put off. However, it is a good idea to invest in a company that you trust to do a good job. The engine is not a component of the vehicle to be careless with.

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