Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why Changing the Oil in Your Car Is So Important

Most people realize that changing the oil in their car is a maintenance that must be done. There are some that don't bother or have no clue as to why changing the oil in your car is so important. The engine can't survive without it, and when the engine runs on the same old stuff after a few thousand miles, it gets dirty and thick.

Think of it like the arteries in your body. People get blood clots because the blood thickens in a certain spot and moves around thus stopping blood flow to the heart and other organs.

It's the same way with your car. Your engine is the heart to your car. It lubricates the lifters and other parts of the engine making it viable so the engine can run smoothly and not get clogged up.

When the old oil clogs up the engine, it causes damage to the engine making it difficult to function properly. Therefore, the lifters start knocking, you're losing enormous amounts of oil and the engine starts smoking and making weird little sounds.

Most people get coupons in the mail and take their car to the nearest car-x. The problem with these places is they hire young kids with no experience that don't know what they're doing or care about the customer. They put the wrong oil in the car and over-fill it. That can be as bad as the old oil.

You need to take it to a reliable auto repair shop with trained technicians. Their prices are reasonable because they are not a franchise, they do good work and care about their customers. They also stand behind their guarantee. Although you're just getting a cheap oil change, if it's not done properly it can still damage your engine.

Do your homework and find a qualified mechanic that has been in the auto repair business for at least 5 years. He has the experience and knowledge to keep your car running like a champ.

Ask your friends or family where they've taken their car or truck and did they do a good job. They are your best resource for a good oil change or any other auto service needs. It's best to get it changed where the shop offers different services, such as brakes, engine rebuilding, muffler, shocks, etc.

You will get to know them and how well their service is. Chances are, when you come in to have something else fixed on your vehicle, they will give you a discount and you already know they do excellent work. They will also take their time to explain in detail why changing the oil in your car is so important.

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