Thursday, April 12, 2012

Auto Detailing Element - Why Keep Your Car Waxed

Any car owner will tell you that they know it is important to wash and wax their car. That they know it will keep the car looking good, prevent paint problems and keep the resale value high. However, for some reason, they only do the washing part. They go out and wash their car, taking care to wash the rims, tires, as well. However when they are done washing they clean up and go inside to cool down. It seems so weird. Here you set aside the time to wash your car so it will look good, but you don't take the extra 10-20 minutes it takes to wax your car so it will look good longer. Why? The reason is because most people don't realize what a good coat of wax from time to time will do.

First of all wax is important to protecting your vehicles paint. It is important to protect the paint since the paint is a protective coating for your cars metal body which prevents rust from occurring. It can also keep dirt from settling on your car, which makes washing it much easier.

Also you want your car to look shiny, which comes from having shiny paint. With no wax on your car a chemical process called oxidation can occur. This happens when oxygen interacts with different elements. The outcome can vary based on what it interacts with, but for your car it means dull paint! A coat of wax can prevent this from happening since the wax protects the elements on the car from reacting with oxygen. You want to prevent oxidation from happening to keep your car looking great for a long time.

Keeping your car waxed, keeps it looking shiny and new. Therefore, you will maintain a great resale for your vehicle if the time ever comes that you need to sell it or trade it in. when people buy a new car they want to know that even though it is used that is was well taken care of and is in great condition.

Waxing your car is simple enough that you can do it at home. The question most ask is how often you should wax it. How often you wax your car depends on how much it is exposed to the elements and what kind of wax you use. If you car is outside a lot it will need waxing more often. And if you use a cheap wax product it will most likely need waxing more often. Some will wax their car every time the wash and other every six months. Just take a look at your car and if you notice is it not shiny or is getting dull give it a wax.

If you do not have the time or drive to wax your own car a professional detailer can be of assistance. You can get your entire car cleaned inside and out with a great coat of wax from any auto detailer in your area. The important thing is that you get it done regularly.

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