Monday, February 20, 2012

Spark Plugs And Other Parts You Need to Understand

There are plenty of parts on a vehicle that are popular, well-known even to those who do not work on cars. Everyone knows what the purpose of the engine is, and everyone knows what the purpose of the battery is. While they may understand the importance of tires, few people understand the importance of the smaller parts of their vehicles.

It is important for all to understand the purpose of the different parts in their cars, what they need to do to protect them, and when they should have them replaced. Understanding the purpose of spark plugs and other parts in your car will help you to keep your car working as efficiently as possible.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are an important part of your engine, helping to provide the spark that gets the fuel burning. Spark plugs are the basis of the combustion in the vehicle that allows it to actually operate and move. Spark plugs can blow out and stop working correctly, making your vehicle less efficient (or keeping it from working). These should be replaced when the engine seems to not be working properly, or when your gas mileage starts to drop.

The Muffler

Many believe that the muffler is an incredibly important part of the vehicle, and that it is necessary for a vehicle to run. This part is not necessary, but is instead a needed part of the vehicle to make driving more bearable. The muffler helps to dampen the sound created by the engine, eliminating the sound pollution created by the normal reactions and actions of the vehicle. The muffler is not something that must be replaced unless it stops dampening the sound.

Anti-Lock Brakes

While most people know that Anti-lock brakes are a part of practically every new car that comes out, they fail to fully understand what the system actually does. These brakes actually work to make your braking system more effective. The system practically pumps the brakes, giving you maximum braking power without causing your tires to skid. This increases the friction, helping to slow the car down more efficiently. Anti-lock brakes perform a task that was once recommended to physically perform. The anti-lock brakes system is not something that must be replaced on a regular basis.

It is not important for you to understand how to change and manipulate all of these different parts in your vehicle. It is also important to understand which parts are not something that should be worried about. You simply need to fully understand their purpose and what they do. This will help you to better understand how your car operates, and what is going wrong with your vehicle when a mechanic talks to you about your vehicle. The more that you know about your car, the more confident you can feel about your ability to detect problems and have parts replaced as needed.

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