Sunday, September 4, 2011

Easy Ways to Get More Performance From Your Volkswagen

So you you want to give your VW a bit more get up and go, well there are some very easy and inexpensive ways to get a bit more performance out of your car. To start with it all depends on which Volkswagen you have, as this will affect the selection of performance parts that are available to you. For example there will be loads of go performance goodies out there for tuning your Golf/GTI hatchback but sadly a lot less of a selection when it comes to finding VW performance parts for say a VW Passat or Polo.

One bonus with owning a VW is the large following this marquee has, so with a very large community of VW tuners worldwide, the first essential place to check is the VW forums where many of these people will have tried out the VW performance parts you may be interested in and will be able to give you some great feedback of what you can expect from the various performance parts available. If a performance part exists someone on one of the VW forums will have tried it out..

The first easy step to improving your VW's performance, is to make sure the car is running properly and ensure your VW has had a tune up and an oil change. OK I know this may sound simple and silly but you'd be surprised how many people overlook this basic step. Adding performance parts to a car that's not running properly to start with, is going to be a waste of your time and money and ultimately will not improve your VW's performance at all.

The second step is to make sure your tires are properly inflated. Again sounds simple and basic, but tyres are probably the most neglected, but essential items on your car. How often do you check the pressure of your tyres?, every day, every week I don't think so!

Surprisingly correct tyre pressure not only improves the handling of your VW it also helps to make sure you're getting the best fuel consumption possible. Once you have gone through these basic steps, then you can move onto other ways below to improve the performance of your VW and even still save fuel.

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