Saturday, September 24, 2011

Common Car Problems Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Unless you have an avid interest in automobiles and know everything there is to know about vehicles, the average driver is not aware of common car issues. Just a hint of something being "off" with your car can be alarming. Here are five car problems you should be aware of, just in case of an emergency.

Engine Knock - Most of the noise coming from the engine is probably road debris that is lodged in between the trends of one of your car's tires or too great clearance between the components located in the valve train. If there is a persistent engine knock though, take your car to a qualified mechanic.

Squeaky Brakes - There can be many reasons why the brakes from your car squeaks-vibrations between the pads and the rotors, pads and the calipers, or calipers and the mounts. The squeal from the brakes could even be made with your shoes and the drums or shoes and backing plates. Again though if it persists, take it to the shop.

Check Engine Light - The check engine light is a service reminder built into your vehicle that illuminates whenever your car's computer thinks there is a problem with the emission control system. Usually, it is nothing major, but if the light color is red, your car may need immediate attention.

Vehicle Pulls to One Side - This problem simply means that your car's alignment is off, which can be easily fixed by taking the vehicle in for realignment. Just be aware when your car starts to veer off to one specific side.

Rough Ride - If your once smooth car suddenly turns rough, it may be your shock absorbers and struts. If this problem is fixed early on, it won't become a major issue, but if not, it might require an entirely new shocks or struts to get your car ride back to being smooth again.

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